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Happiness: 10 ways to have a happy day, Everyday!

    Some of the greatest writers on the issues of spirituality have come to the conclusion that those who know how to condition themselves to feel good and upbeat everyday can become great successes. In fact some say that this is the fundamental difference between a winner and a looser. Now why is this so one may ask? Well because if you waste your time and energy on negative thoughts and ideas not only do you waste valuable energy focusing on something that is bad for you, it also drastically decreases your energy levels. You could become up to 50% less productive then someone who is always conditioned to be happy. Now to loose a day or two may not be the end of the world. However if you are continuously in negative states for large portions of your life, the effect those feelings have on your chances of success are monumental. That is why it is important to make a commitment to personal development now!

     Since millions and millions of us find ourselves taking pills or drugs, and having other addictions just to cope it's important to know how to focus on happiness as a way of life. We must look at practical and pragmatic things we can do to make ourselves happy every single day. The narrow scope of my article will focus on just those things in the general order of the day.

1. Before you go to bed make sure your geared toward getting a good night sleep. It's very important that you sleep well because a good night sleep is super healthy for your mind body and spirit. Do not listen to anything that pumps you up in the evening because it will keep you up. Similarly avoid all sugar content etc. Make sure your mind is peaceful and serene as well. Focus on happy and relaxing thoughts. You do not want to toss and turn in sub conscious anguish as you sleep. Remember make a consciousness effort to be calm and relaxed before sleep, and make it a ritual so your mind gets accustomed to it. That way your mind will be conditioned to sleep at that specific time. Try to sleep early enough that you don't have to deal with the excessive pressure of waking up early. In other words do not stay up till 3 am if you know you have to be up by 9 am. Do not depend on the alarm clock, use the alarm clock as a fail safe mechanism, not something that jolts you out of bed. Remember having a good night sleep and sleeping with positive and life fulfilling thoughts will leave you pumped up and excited for the next day.

2. Surround yourself with positive things in your room and living space. Our conscious and sub conscious minds are absorbing things in all the time. We spend hours of our lives in our homes and rooms. It's important that the people and pictures you see in your room are uplifting. For example if you put a picture up of your favorite rapper, Ask yourself is that productive? does this rapper preach about death and violence or happiness and joy? In other words put pictures up of your heroes, sporting legends, spiritual teachers or great intellectuals. Another great thing to put up would be religious sayings such as "do unto others" etc. Being constantly surrounded by these positive and awesome words and pictures will give you that energy boost you need to be ultra productive. It will also condition your mind to associate your room with happiness. Your sleep will be easy and well as when you wake, seeing Michael Jordon slam dunk a Basketball or Lionel Messi dribble a Football will infuse you with energy.

    Also there is a lesson here. A lot of people would say come on bro! I don't want to look like a nutcase! people may see my room and think what's wrong with you, why do you need all that. Remember be humble, say to yourself I am a normal well adjusted human being full of love and positive feelings, However I want that extra edge in energy for me to truly reach my awesome potential and I am willing to do anything it takes and humble myself and not give too much importance to what others think. This is key, you got to go through with this stuff no matter what people think or say. You have to be mentally tough! and if your not you need to get mentally tough but I'll leave that to another article.

3. After you wake up, make sure your room is in order, and that you can get on with your day. It's important that you dress your best and feel your best. That means adopt the standard of where you are. For example where your from a dress shirt, mustache and mop top may be the epitome of manliness. However ask yourself is it the same standard where you are now? For example in some societies deodorant is not necessary but in others it is an absolute must. One way to throw yourself off the vibration frequency of happiness and create an awkward environment for yourself is to dress and look below standard. Generally most good people will not judge you for not being the most attractive person in the world. However with regards to controlled variables prepare to be judged. Keep yourself clean and wear awesome and fitting clothes. You will notice an immediate difference. Make being clean, and dressing well a way of life.

     Do not, I repeat do not listen to those people who say, that your being superficial! Some of the greatest spiritual teachers of all time demanded proper hygiene and clean clothing and appearance. I know certainly my religion tells me that. Also how a person carries themselves on the outside tells a lot about what's going on on the inside. For example how many homeless people do you know who smell and dress nice? Zero you say! Well you may say most homeless people are mentally ill, or sick! That's exactly my point, not to be harsh on the homeless but we associate in our minds mental illness and sickness to people who are shabbily dressed and smell bad! So make sure you are the opposite.

4. Do affirmations, what you say to yourself and what you think about are key. It may happen every now and then that your mind may drift to negative and useless thoughts. About a past that is long gone and over to everyone else in the world but you. You got to make sure you continuously train yourself to ask positive questions. Questions that continue to stimulate you towards positive emotions.

     Thank God for technology, these days most if not all modern Cell Phones will have a voice memo option, if not buy a voice recorder. Use it to say to yourself positive affirmations, or even lines in movies that Pump You up. The more you do it, the more these affirmations will become tattooed on your brain.

5. As these affirmations will get tattooed on your brain so will negative stuff. If you don't have the desire to be a pimp or a murderer, and I think that's all of us then don't listen to filth that promotes that garbage. If you listen to that trash enough it will get tattooed on your brain and become apart of your sub conscious mind. Sooner or later these negative thoughts may completely pollute your mind, and cause you to behave in ways that are simply not you! So guard your mind, I know it sounds cliche but I am being honest. Remember trash for your mind is like trash for your body. You got to ask yourself is enjoying the taste of a Big Mac for 4 minutes worth a lifetime of poor health and an early death? Similarly is watching filthy movies, or listening to offensive music, worth it? Is a 3 minute song with a catchy beat worth a lifetime of trying to clear the garbage out of your head, and sub conscious impulses that lead you to do things that really aren't you!?

6. Use yelling and shouting, and aggressive movements to keep you pumped up and in state of happiness. I know some of the Muslim faith pray in congregation. Should you go to the prayers with droopy shoulders void of any excitement or say to yourself now is my chance to talk to GOD! I am pumped for this! use the prayer to put yourself in a happy and receptive mood! God will hear you if you ask him with all your heart and mind! So use your body, play sports, and do aggressive movements that shake you up. There is no way easier to get depressed then to droop down your shoulders and have a frown. Dream about the person of your dreams walking up to you with a smile and saying hey love! whatever it takes as every happy moment is a victory.

7. Keep God first, now wait you may say, I'm a Hindu or I'm a Buddhist, well it really does not matter. Whatever religion or non religion you belong too and whomever you worship keep them first. I find a belief in God to be one of the most relaxing and positive beliefs possible. Also to you atheists out there keep in mind you do not have to be right all the time! Believing in God is a belief that is good for your mind and soul so believe if it makes you feel better! Sometimes its not about what the facts are or what is right but rather what helps our lives.

8. Avoid "Brawling", now what the heck do I mean by brawling. Well brawling is a phrase that I have personally coined so it's mine. What Brawling is, is unnecessary fighting or being argumentative. Brawling is based on the ego and can be both negative or positive. Okay okay, so negative brawling makes sense but how do you brawl in the positive you may ask?! Well have you ever met those guys who come up to you and say HEY!! How's! IT GOING! On the surface it appears they are being really nice and friendly but something just doesn't feel right? Well the reason it just doesn't feel right is because their super friendly attitude is based off their ego, and their sub conscious mind feels they are superior to you. That's why it turns you off. Their sub conscious mind is saying "look at this lowly person!" I'll show them just how cool and superior I am! This rubs people the wrong way. So please avoid this at all costs, both negative and positive brawling. That is acts based on a sub conscious or conscious feeling of superiority over others that is based on your ego. Rather whether you want to give loving constructive criticism or be extra talkative, friendly and gregarious make sure your inner and sub conscious emotion is based on love, friendship and kindness. That way the positive vibration you give out, will speak more then any words. Remember 90% of all communication is non verbal. When you do this people will feel your goodness and they will instantly respond. You can manifest friends and relationships this way, that will last. When you are extra friendly and gregarious your loving vibration will instantly emotionally connect to the one your speaking too, and if they themselves have love and goodness inside will connect right back too you.

      As a note something else that is beautiful about this disposition is that you can spot evil people and avoid them. Ever heard the phrase "like attracts alike" That's it my friend! Your loving caring disposition will attract the same in the sub conscious of another despite what they are trying to show you consciously! Ever know someone in a relationship and you say what ever happened to Sam, or Julie, and they say! He/She wasn't who I thought they were, they were complete douches! Well, this is because you were fooled by their conscious demeanor, you thought the act they displayed was them, and maybe your own vibrations were also negative. Remember like attracts like and you manifested that energy in your life so maybe your no mother Teresa either! Okay so if your attracting negative people into your life take a good look at yourself and make sure your inside becomes more full of love and joy. Eliminating the negative people from your life is one sure fire way to make sure every day you have is full of love and happiness. You must first be filled with love and happiness to attract that into your life.

9. Give to people, give people your time, energy, and things of value. By giving to people, you are reaffirming your own identity as a good and loving person. You are also helping others and deriving the self respect that comes from being useful. However I would say most importantly when you give to others it shows your thoughts are focused on others. One of the ways to make sure you feel bad is to be self obsessed. This brings me to point number 10.

10. Finally think about other people, do not be a self centered narcissist, being a self centered narcissist is one sure fire way to guarantee you are unhappy, and good people will pick up on this vibe from you and avoid you like the plague. A way to definitely force yourself to think of others is to give. To give means you must put time, and effort in trying to know what someone wants, you must focus on the means to get something for someone else. When you stop obsessing over yourself you realise the world has moved on from your problem, and it is just you who cares about it. To everyone else it is buried in the past. So make sure to focus on other people's well being. If you have a wife or girlfriend, or boyfriend or husband, make sure you get them something they love, and it will make your relationship all the more stronger.

     Luckily for us, there may be 100 more ways or 1000 more ways to ensure you have a productive, positive and happy day everyday. However these points I feel are the basics. Mastery comes from doing something which appears easy over, and over again till you become exceptional at it. In other words while reading and having these points outlined to you, may make it seem easy, you got to do it! You got to stick to it and keep it up!. There is always a new way to design your room to make it even more conducive to happiness. There are always new styles and ways of dress as well. New technologies to help you on your way, so keep at it! Good luck I sincerely wish you the best!

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