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MONEY! It will make your life better. Here's 8 Reasons why.

     It's a common saying that the Love of money is the cause of much evil. However if you've been to the third world, you certainly know the lack of money is what causes much misery. So people need to know what money can do for them. People need too see how money can change their lives. This can motivate you to create more wealth and money. This will alleviate some of the unhappiness in life. Of course money can't buy happiness, and it can't bring you closer to God or make you a good person. However the reality before capitalism and after capitalism will be that money makes the world go round. You can lie to yourself and pretend you don't want or care about money, hell you can lie to others as well. The fact remains we need money, and we need to make money to live like human beings. Some people approach talking about money like talking about sex. That talking about having and making money makes you a greedy ruthless pig. You often find these feelings in religious people when talking about sex, which makes them feel like sinners etc. However like sex, money is an integral part of your life, and something necessary which can bring fulfillment to your life and happiness. I wanna list 8 things that people can do with money or feel by having money that can make their life and other peoples lives better.


1. If you have allot of money you can donate the money to charity. As we all know this world is full of need and suffering and there are allot of poor people. If you have money you can actually make a difference and donate money to the suffering people of the planet. If you alleviate the suffering of even one child was not the money spent totally worth it.

2.  With money you can be a builder. With money you can build hospitals, schools, daycare centre's, and other things which benefit society on the whole. Money can build safe and proper homes, police stations, and libraries. All these things are good and money is necessary for them. Make money and you too can build these things. I know my hero Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan built a cancer hospital in Pakistan. How'ed he do it? Through raising, you guessed it, MONEY!

3. Money provides relief from stress!, not just your own stress but the stress mothers go through who can't afford to pay their bills. The stress a family go through when they can't afford to put their child through school or pay their child's medical bills. Money relieves all this kind of stress. Money allows people to go to the Universities they want to, or travel to the nation of their choice. Or to see a doctor etc. All these things are healing and stress relieving! Wouldn't you want the money to relieve the stress from your loved ones?

4. Freedom! Money gives you freedom, the freedom to buy that good book you just read. The freedom to fly to your favourite country, the freedom to buy what you need and want. The feeling to buy your loved ones what they want! Money gives you the freedom to live your dreams, and to help your loved ones live their dreams.

5. Money gets you the finer things in life. Everybody wants good quality stuff, it feels better, lasts longer and functions better! Who wouldn't want an IPhone 5 over an old IPhone 3G etc. Wearing the best clothes and fragrances makes your quality of life a whole lot better. Makes you feel better and makes you perform better at work. By investing in yourself, you will feel better, work better and generally be happier. The people who make those awesome products work day and night to bring you an awesome experience in the market. Isn't it smart to purchase those awesome items and benefit from them? Of course it is, that's where money comes in. Also these businesses benefit as well. Even people who sell Porches need to eat. That is where you come in!

6.  Money helps you build and create beautiful things. Step 2 stated you can be a builder and build the necessities of life like schools, hospitals etc. However money is what can let you build the master pieces in life. The Blue Mosque or the Taj Mahel were all built with a tremendous amount of money! If you wanna build the biggest and most beautiful mosque ever to inspire the believers to worship, you need the money to build it! If you want to inspire your coreligionists you need the money to build houses which are worthy of worship.

7.  Money can help you get the women or man you want in your life! Hold on, no that's not what I mean!, I mean have you ever seen someone who you thought was beautiful and perfect for you, but you had to hear the little voice in your head saying "I'm simply not good enough for her or him". You think if only I had a gym body, or a law degree etc. I could measure up to that person. Don't get me wrong, what's inside is what counts! How loving you are and caring is always most important! However, how you dress, and how you look does say allot about what's inside you! People who takes care of themselves and have the money and time to look and present themselves to the world in a beautiful way show the world, that they have certain standards about appearance and looks. Also you can lie to yourself that looks don't matter, but I believe that to be bullshit. So money can get you that gym membership you need to be your best self. It can get you that new wardrobe that makes you look awesome, and it can provide the income necessary to shop at the Whole foods store, so you can eat healthy, loose weight and prolong your life! Money helps you get the person of your dreams!

8. The wealth you have is a reflection of how useful you are. There is a reason Kobe Bryant is rich! Its because he is super valuable as a Basketball player etc. So thus if you have wealth it says that you are very useful to society in some important way that someone is willing to hand over massive amounts of cash to get your services. Money is an indicator of your value to society!

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