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10 Questions to ask yourself every morning that can transform your day into one of Happiness.


Every Happy Moment is a Victory!
         Often morning time is the worst for most people. Some people are morning people and some are not. However to give ourselves a positive association with morning time we need to take matters into our own hands. Often we dread going to school or work, because our state of mind is hopelessly trapped on negative thoughts. The question arises, how can one program their mind to focus on the positive? One such way we can program our minds to be positive and productive has to do with the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. I must thank the legendary Anthony Robbins for helping with these idea's and I highly recommend that you listen to and purchase anything Mr. Robbins is selling about personal power as I found it to be tremendously useful. However, I am hear to list 10 things we can ask ourselves every morning and should ask ourselves, to condition and program our minds for positive thinking. Every good feeling and positive emotion is a victory in itself remember that. You could be a floor sweeper, but if your life is constantly filled with positive and fulfilling emotions and happiness its a life worth living. However even if you are an emperor but your life is constantly filled with negative emotions and you dwell on negative thoughts the quality of your life will not be as good as it should be or as good as it could be.

    Now again the way we program our mind is by the questions we ask ourselves on a day to day basis. The mind is sort of like the google search engine, whatever you ask it, it will give you an answer so it's important we ask ourselves thoughtful and powerful questions that make us feel good, and give us the energy we need to face the day. We must make it a habit to ask these questions because remember the brain is like any other muscle. When it is worked out like a muscle is, in a positive sense it will continuously get more powerful to the point where literally hundreds of positive and reinforcing questions will become habit forming.

   Now lets move onto the questions but before I do I need to some some important things. I am not here to judge people or to question beliefs. Atheists and non-believers are entitled to have good and positive feelings like everyone else, my goal here is not to judge but rather to help everyone and anyone who wants it. Also remember sometimes its good to take a pragmatic approach to belief rather then a matter of fact approach. For example, if you believe that having faith in Buddha makes you feel better, however you may doubt his existence. Maybe you should reinforce that belief because it makes your life better, and gives you energy. The belief works for you, rather then you working for the belief. So please remove any limiting beliefs, they are usually negative and counter productive.

 Now onto the questions:

1. I am really grateful for God's love, and I appreciate everything God has given me, I am so thankful for it all really and truly. Why does God love me so much? How come God has given me everything my heart has desired? With regards to this question it will force your mind to think of all the positive things which have happened in your life and for you to appreciate God. Your brain will answer, because you are  a good honest person, your brain will try its darn best to find answers as to why you are lovable giving you good feelings of happiness, and energy.

2. Why is it that my family loves and honours me so much? This is pretty self explanatory and the reasons are similar to the last question except replace God with family.

3. How come I have been blessed so much in life? What special plan does God have for my life?

This will give you a divine purpose and continuously reinforce the idea that you have a pre ordained destiny from God, this will help you find meaning in the negative parts of your life, and look forward to fulfilling your Godly destiny.

4. How can I help people today? This question will take your mind off of yourself and help you realise that being a good person is basically worshipping God by serving humanity. It takes away from the more narcissistic aspects of religion.

5. How can I increase the love and happiness in my life today? We often think about how to increase our wealth obsessively however, this thought seems to be energy sapping. As wealth has no inherent value outside of the way it makes us feel. Increasing the love and happiness in your life will give you the energy and happiness to continue to perform well and as a by product your wealth and health will greatly increase. Think of ways to be a better friend, husband, son, or daughter or wife etc.

6. Think about something you want materially and ask yourself how am I going to obtain that?
Materialism is not totally bad, and can be good. We must use the best products in our lives to maximise our success and happiness. Sometimes asking yourself how am I gonna get that Ferrari or IPhone 5 etc. can motivate us, and make us excited about the future.

7. Ask yourself about what future plans you have with regards to your friends. Sometimes hanging out with friends can be a waste of time. However always have an object in mind and ask yourself what you want to accomplish whenever you go out. This way, hours of wasted time will not occur when you do hang out with your friends. If you want to laugh and enjoy go to a pub or watch a movie that has allot of comedy. Asking yourself about when you will going out with your friends and what the outcome you want is when going out will give you something exciting to look forward too on your calendar while also giving you some healthy productive aim to accomplish like laughing with your buddy, or praying with your buddy, or simply enjoying some nice coffee with a friend.

8. Ask yourself questions about how to make UN exciting things like working out or studying more exciting and entertaining. For example no one really wants to work out that much. Especially when we're new. You see working out is allot like making money. When you have 1 million dollars its easy and fun to make the second million. Who doesn't like walking into a bank with a couple of hundred grand in your checking account and watching the tellers face light up when she looks at you. Inside you have the proud feeling, "Yeah that's right I'm Ballin!" you say to yourself. However its that first million that's so dog gone difficult to get. That first million where you gotta bust your hump 12 hours a day, and no matter how good your plan is, your really not sure you'll get there. Well working out is the same, yeah if your ripped and look awesome every moment in the gym is your time to shine. However when your skinny or a bit chubby like me, its a whole nother story. So the key here is asking yourself questions which will make rather uncomfortable situations more comfortable. For example if I say to you " Get yourself to the gym now!" you may be pumped up initially but loose focus once there and feel pretty bad because you can't compete with all the built people. However if I say hey! I put 10 of your favourite tracks in your iPhone, and got you awesome portable headphones, maybe you could work out hard to your favourite tunes. I have now slightly added to the positive experience of the gym so you may find it easier to get a better pump. That's why it's so important for us to ask questions and seek answers on how to turn very important however not so pleasurable things, into things we derive satisfaction out of. Remember every moment of happiness is victory itself.

9. In many religious texts it says "ask and you shall receive", now this is sort of what I am getting at however. We must ask with a plan, we need to have a plan so our mind can focus and find what we want, therefore ask questions as specifically as you can. You can say "Why am I so out of shape?" which is the worst thing you could ask yourself. You could say "Why don't I go to the gym more often?" which is slightly better, instead of focusing on the problem your focusing somewhat more on the solution. Or you could say "How do I turn my gym experience into something positive and exciting?" which is allot better. However the best thing you could ask yourself, is, "How do I download the 10 amazing itunes that I love so much when I'm in the gym so I can rock to my favourite music and get an awesome work out!?". This question is very specific and offers a complete solution and puts emphasis on the positive solution to your initial question.

10. Finally ask yourself, about who you truly are, get to know yourself and what you want out of yourself, this way, you can easily determine where you want to go and what you want out of life. An entire essay can be written on mostly all of these questions however this is a start to waking up in the morning and feeling positive and energetic and achieving your life's aim.

By  Insightful
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